Recently, the MSM has been all atwitter and fretting about the “harsh tone” of the debate on President Barack Obama’s quest to nationalize the American healthcare sector. In apparent shock, they shriek that the President is being portrayed with a Hitler mustache at Town Halls and protests.

David Gregory had some guests on Meet The Press to discuss this “unique“, “unprecedented” turn of events.

    PS: Ever notice that every time a Democrat encounters opposition or gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he/she immediately claims to be the recipient of “death threats”? And the media faithfully report as if it were true? I’m convinced now that it’s as much a shut-up technique as the typical liberal’s cry of “RAAAAAAAAAACISSSSSSSSST!!!” when losing an argument.

Personally, I’m disturbed that neither Armey nor Coburn recognized and took the opportunity to really let David Gregory have it on his and Fourth Estate’s hypocrisy. Where has he been the last eight years? Where was this concern for civil discourse and respect for the Presidency when the President wore an ‘R’ behind his name? Oh yes, I know … sneering at the President in the White House Press Room. The double standard is beyond blatant. It actually gets up and slaps you in the face.

Bush with a Hitler mustache has been the feature of every Left-Wing march and protest for eight years, even before 9/11 and the Iraq War. This is not to mention the posters (and a movie) calling for his assassination, accusing him of bringing down the Twin Towers, etc. and every other evil under the sun. That Rachel Madcow Maddow, once of Air America where this was SOP for eight years is claiming outrage at this is enough hypocrisy by itself to curdle milk.

Not a single member of the MSM batted an eyelid at all this for eight long years. In fact their typical response is perfectly illustrated by CNN’s disgrace of a former employee Susan Roesgen when she saw Bush being portrayed as Hitler with devil horns in 2006 – amusement and as a hook for her story.

Obama on the other hand, gets the exact same treatment and Roesgen, like the rest of her so-called impartial objective hack brethren, goes crazy.

So all this so-called “concern” by the Fourth Estate about the President being compared to Hitler and the “harsh tone” is really nothing more than whining that their new god is getting a taste of what his predecessor endured without complaint and with their tacit approval and even assistance for the whole of his two terms.