MAN and WOMAN in different locations. Both are of different races – preferably one is African American. First names and “Voted for Obama in 2008” should show when they first appear.

WOMAN: When you’re choosing a doctor, lawyer, contractor, plumber, mechanic, an accountant or even just a babysitter …

{cut as woman is speaking to show doctor (female; in scrubs or white coat), lawyer (male: in suit), builder (male: wearing toolbelt and hardhat), mechanic (female: in dirty coveralls), accountant (male: in shirt sleeves typing on a calculator), teenage girl with a baby on her hip.}

{cut to woman}

WOMAN: … the most important thing is competence.

{cut to MAN}

MAN: You choose based on record, on results, how he did the job before. Period.

{cut to WOMAN}

WOMAN: I think you should use the same standard when choosing a President. Which is why I have to say to President Obama; I’m sorry Mr. President. I like you.

{cut to MAN}

MAN: I voted for you four years ago. But with a record like this …

{cut to montage of statistics, news headlines, graphs of budget deficit, national debt, unemployment, food stamps …}

{split screen to show both MAN and WOMAN}

MAN | WOMAN: You won’t be getting my vote this time.

I believe something like this is a shot straight at the large mass of swing voters who like Obama personally (the ones who automatically tune out anyone who calls Obama a socialist) but are not able to square the circle of liking a guy and yet voting for someone else. These are the people who are described as those who vote based on who they’d prefer to “have a beer with.”

Note that these are not unintelligent people – they’re just uninterested and not prone to thinking deeply about politics.

This sorts of forces them to re-engage their brains – the emotion and attachment free zone of the brain that deals with money and getting value for it – and forces them (if put in heavy rotation) to confront the Obama record by bringing it to them as directly as possible.