First; a few caveats – I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know if this is even possible in light of Sullivan and other established Supreme Court precedents, or even if Mrs. Kavanaugh and her daughters have the standing to bring suit for the slander campaign launched by the Democrats and their media operatives against their father and husband.

I’ve also seen some information suggesting that the Kavanaughs’ religious beliefs would preclude such a course of action. As I am not a Christian, much less a Catholic, I cannot speak to the theological implications of launching a suit to seek some redress for a horrific wrong done here.

What I do know is that, by every standard of justice I can think of, it will be the right thing to do.

What I know is that a great injustice has been done – and a severe and painful reckoning is needed for what happened here. Not just so there’s justice for Brett Kavanaugh and his family, but also so that something like this never happens again. For far too long, the Democrats, aided, abetted and shielded by their media operatives have engaged in these personal destruction campaigns with impunity, secure in the knowledge that they would never be called to account.

What I do know is that the Kavanaughs, as a family, have suffered an immense amount of damage to their lives, from death threats to mobs of screaming protesters surrounding their home, based on a truly evil defamation campaign orchestrated by the Democrat Party and its operatives, many of whom call themselves “journalists.”

What I do know is that this is not over. Not by a long shot. As they have with Clarence Thomas, the Democrats, their media operatives, their allies in Hollywood and fellow travellers among Left-Wing academics are going to do everything they can to continue to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s name and render him persona non grata in respectable society.

The fact that neither Christine Blasey Ford nor Debbie Ramirez have provided not one single corroborating piece of evidence, or produced a single corroborating witness will make no difference. In newspapers, news broadcasts, magazines, books, on TV, in music, in film, in classrooms and lectures across the nation, the Left will never cease to label Brett Kavanaugh as a confirmed serial rapist and abuser of women until it assumes the mantle of truth.

This will not just have an effect on Brett Kavanaugh, but his wife and the lives of his children – especially when they get to college. Is there anyone who honestly believes that Liza and Margaret Kavanaugh will not be hounded every day of their lives on any college campus by both students and faculty, with the tacit approval of administrators? Is there any evidence that Left-Wingers possess the decency to not visit their hate on Brett Kavanaugh’s children?

JudgeJustice Kavanaugh’s new position means he will not file suit. Which leaves Mrs. Kavanaugh – in her name and her daughters’ names – to pick up the sword on her own, and her husband’s behalf. In fact, given the circumstances, I believe no one is better suited for the task. No one will have the drive, the rage, the raw uncompromising determination, not even Brett Kavanaugh himself.

I am as yet to meet a man who can match the ferocity and vengefulness of a woman whose loved ones have been placed in danger. And that’s the key; the fact that she is a woman, a woman who has been directly hurt by Blasey Ford’s actions, and the fact that she is not seeking any office, gives her the standing and freedom to tell the truth that everyone else in public life is all too politically correct to say in public.

Christine Blasey Ford lied. Willfully and deliberately to cause harm to Brett Kavanaugh, with no concern for him or his family. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if his family’s suffering was not accidental.

Let me be clear here; I do not believe, even for a second, that Christine Blasey Ford is any form of victim. Either of Brett Kavanaugh 36 years ago, or of the Democrats that supposedly stripped her of her supposed desire for anonymity.

Furthermore, I completely reject the “split the baby” compromise being advanced – particularly by so many conservatives seeking to either appear “reasonable” or to appease the #MeToo Left mob (including Susan Collins) – that argues, somehow, that Blasey Ford was actually assaulted – but not by Brett Kavanaugh.

Simply put; I do *not* believe her.

I do not believe she was ever assaulted. By Kavanaugh or anyone else. I do not believe she ever had any intention of remaining anonymous. I believe that her “reluctant” relinquishing of her anonymity was every bit as planned and rehearsed as her testimony before the Committee.

From her contacting the Washington Post tip line, her sanitization of her social media profiles, the ridiculous joke of polygraph, her lies about her alleged aviophobia, the farcical story about the provenance of her house’s second door, her(?) lawyers’ ridiculous blatantly political demands – every single piece of evidence points to the fact that she was an active and willing participant in a premeditated and coordinated campaign of character assassination against Brett Kavanaugh.

People have literally doused themselves in gasoline and lit themselves on fire, betrayed parents, siblings and children in the pursuit of political causes. So I refuse to pretend that it somehow defies the laws of physics for a woman can lie for pure partisan political advantage.

Now, we hear from Blasey Ford’s legal team that she no longer wishes to continue pursuing her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and simply wants to return to her life as it was before, albeit over $1 million richer from her GoFundMe contributions, to be feted and celebrated when she returns to campus.

I say no – that is not acceptable. No one should be able to just throw launch missiles with such reckless abandon at another person’s reputation and just walk away.

Christine Blasey Ford needs to be put on the stand in a courtroom and subjected to the proper cross-examination that she has been protected from because of politics and political correctness. The same applies to Debbie Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, Ronan Farrow, Jane Mayer, etc.

They must all pay.

Unfortunately, it is not up to me. Ashley Kavanaugh is the only plausible person who can demand recompense for this. Not just for her husband, but for herself, her daughters, her family.

I hope she does so.