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This photo taken May 19, 2014, shows former Republican candidate for Congress, Vivian Childs, right, walking through the Georgia GOP headquarters, followed by Michael Roundtree, chairman of the Morehouse College Republicans, before a training session with Leo Smith, minority engagement director for the Georgia Republican Party, not shown, in Atlanta. Smith and other black Republicans who recruit say there are plenty of black conservatives out there. They just don’t want to be identified publicly as conservative or Republican. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

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2. The black community needs to become politically competitive.

Today Democrats know they will win without even bothering to campaign, without any regard for candidate quality. Republicans, on the other hand, know there’s zero chance of winning, no matter how good their candidate or his roots, record or pedigree in the district.

Which puts the black community in the nightmare position in which one party takes it for granted, because there is no punishment for incompetence, for corruption, for failed governance, and the other takes it for a lost cause, because there is no reward for any effort, no matter how sincere.

Stress this repeatedly, so long as Democrats know that there will never be any consequences from the black community for failure, that they will never be punished no matter how badly they perform, that all they need to do is scream “racism!” and they are guaranteed victory on election day, they’ll have no incentive to do better.

Which means nothing is going to improve. And let’s not kid ourselves, if things are not getting better, they are getting worse – there is no middle ground.

Hammer this message home; what the African American community wants is to have both parties fighting tooth and nail, spending money in the black community, and devoting their time and intellectual resources to fight for and keep their votes.

But the fact is that no one is fighting for the black vote. Because there’s no reason to. Again, Democrats know they have it locked up before campaign season even begins, so they devote their money, time and attention elsewhere. Republicans know whatever effort they make would be futile, so they also carry their resources elsewhere where it won’t be wasted.

Ask your audience to imagine having both major parties competing to come up with solutions for their communities instead of neither one, as is the case now.

I would recommend recounting this fact; the foundation for the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 was laid 28 years earlier in 1936, when, for the first time, a majority of African Americans voted the Democrat ticket for President. This was while the Democrats happily welcomed open Klan members like Theodore Bilbo. Either way, the realization that the black electorate was in play, not permanently locked for the GOP, gave Democrats, particularly outside the Deep South, the incentive to start paying attention to their black constituents. From that moment on, Jim Crow’s days were numbered.

Remind them that politicians go where the votes are, and Republicans are no different. Let them know that the moment the black community shows that it is open to the GOP, they’ll have the Republican Party by the gonads. The GOP would be desperate to remain competitive, it will devote massive amount of resources toward earning credibility by getting things done.

A salutory effect would be that Democrats would suddenly be faced with competition for the first time in more than half a century, and they’ll have to shape up or else they’ll end up on the outside like the GOP is now.

However, it is important to make it clear that the solutions offered by the GOP will not be the same as those offered and put into effect by Democrats – that’s just putting failure in new Red packaging.

This would mean doing the opposite of what the typical Republican campaign consultant would advise, stand fast and defend GOP policies, even when deemed “racist”.

For example, school choice; most poor mothers would agree with the idea that education dollars should “follow the child.” Elected Democrats are obligated to defend the failed school systems in blighted majority-minority districts as a condition of their support from teachers unions. The problem is that none of their children are in those schools. Highlight this.

Ron DeSantis was able to keep the FL Governor’s office in GOP hands in part because he got a higher number of votes from black women, i.e. mothers, than usual for Republican candidates, based on his support for school choice. Two things to note is that black women are far more liberal than black men, and that DeSantis’ Democrat opponent was Andrew Gillum, then Tallahasee’s far Left Mayor, who was also African American.

Another example is Voter ID laws. Democrats’ claims that minority voters, especially African Americans, would be disenfranchized by the requirement for government issued photo identification at the polls can not only be shown to be based on the Democrats’ bigoted low expectations toward African Americans, but used to highlight the Democrats’ comfort with poverty in the black community and the fact that their concern for black people does not go beyond election day.

Without proper photo identification, you’re locked out of the modern economy, not just in America, but worldwide. You can’t open a bank account, cash a check, drive a car, get on a plane, get hired, or even rent a place to live in, without verifiable photo identification. Yet, after claiming that black people are uniquely afflicted by an economically crippling inability to get photo identification, we’ve seen no effort to remedy the situation by Democrats for life between election cycles.

Again, stress that Democrats have had 60 years in which they’ve had all the power in the black community, with multiple periods in which they had strong majorities in both Houses of Congress and Democrat in the White House. They’ve therefore had every opportunity to deliver for the black community with their policies. So it’s either their policies have failed, or they’ve just been phoning it in for all these years.

This is where your projector screens should be showing pictures and statistics of blighted neighborhoods in black majority Congressional Districts across the country, along with the pictures and the party of elected officials in every elected position, from the schoolboard, to city council, state legislature, all the way up to the Congressional District for the last 50 years. The aim is to tie failure not to individual Democrats but to the Democrat Party as a whole.

Either way – to quote Einstein; the black community can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expect different results – it’s time for a change.