From the Perpetual Voluntary Mandatory Give Us Five Bucks Or The Universe Will Implode series of begging emails that will be spamming Democrats until, well, the universe implodes:

But our victory in November will not be complete unless the DSCC can also deliver the filibuster-proof Senate majority that can end the obstruction and help us turn things around.

This is the year we can pick-up at least 11 Republican-held Senate seats, more than enough for that overwhelming majority.

Eleven seats?


Name ’em, Senator. Alphabetically by state will do.

Moe Lane

PS: Try to do it in less than four hours, Senator.

PPS: Kids, when you try to play games here, do try to remember that this isn’t your normal stomping grounds. So: recent polls, stick to GOP-held seats – just like Biden did – and, for the love of God, don’t drag Sarah Palin’s family into this. I know that this last can be hard for Obama supporters, but at least try.