Not my choice of word: the local NAACP’s. Via AoSHQ:

Halloween display aims for ‘shock value’

CATHARINE — Ron Havens has a reputation for provocative Halloween displays that reflect his strong political views.

But even Havens was pretty sure his latest effort was over the top. That didn’t stop him from setting it up in plain sight anyway.

Havens, who lives on Schuyler County Route 15 (Ridge Road) just south of Odessa, this week set up a Halloween display featuring mannequins that look like Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain.

But the Obama figure looks like he is running, and the McCain likeness is dressed in the hooded robe of the Ku Klux Klan and is carrying a baseball bat.

Apparently, this is OK, but Georgia Verdier of the Elmira branch of the NAACP is more worried “about the fear and hate that have entered the campaign.” Translation: anything that could be blamed on a Republican, of course.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m a firm believer in letting idiots be idiots; so why am I mentioning this? Because you guys need something to wave in people’s faces when they start blathering to you about how awful the GOP is, of course.