All of this H/T AoSHQ, by the way. Anyway, in reverse order: Michelle Malkin has the details about the Vote from Home idiots, a bunch of whom took the time to get absentee ballots that they didn’t have a right to have while engaging in voter registration fraud in Ohio.

Yes, I think that being caught committing actual voter fraud pretty much eliminates any hope that you might have of getting the benefit of the doubt about being involved in voter registration fraud. I also would like to note that these are Democrats, Obama supporters, and now potential suspects in a felony case. Funny how that happens a lot when we start talking about voter shenanigans, yesno?

So, why did they think that they could get away with it? Possibly because Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was apparently pretty sure that she could stonewall the verification process until after the election. Turns out, no: and it turns out that she was sitting on a lot of new voter registrations that need checking. As in, 1/3rd of them. Out of over half a million:

Since Jan. 1, Ohio has 666,000 newly registered or updated voters — all of whom fall under scrutiny by this latest court ruling. Brunner said an initial review found that at least 200,000 of them might have mismatched information. Once the office identifies all of the mismatched voters, Brunner will send the list to the county boards of election where the individuals have registered.

When asked about their role in all of this, other notable Democratic ally ACORN attempted to change the subject by bringing up a couple of immigration reform rallies of theirs that McCain attended (because they think that you’re stupid), screamed racism, and generally… well, that’s pretty much all that they know how to do. These guys aren’t really that bright, do you know what I mean? If they weren’t so useful to the Democratic Party they’d be all working in gas stations somewhere.