I give them ten out of ten for yelling at him over this…

Senator Dodd’s Notion of Courtesy

After reports emerged in June about him having received favorable treatment on two home mortgages from the Countrywide Financial Corporation, Senator Christopher Dodd, a Democrat from Connecticut, promised that he would release documents to support his contention that he never benefited financially from the terms of the loans.

The senator has failed to keep his promise, and his excuses are wearing ridiculously thin.

“I think it will become obvious at the time when it’s the right time, and I’ll explain that at the time when I do so,” Mr. Dodd said last week after a speech in Norwich, Conn., according to The Hartford Courant. …but take back two points for pretending that they don’t know the real reason why Dodd’s delaying his disclosure. Dodd’s delaying his disclosure because his party’s rather desperate to not talk about how they’re primarily responsible for the financial crisis that we’re in right now. So there’s no credible way to believe that the New York Times doesn’t realize that Dodd’s trying to hold out until after the election.

On the other hand, I originally dinged the New York Times three points out of ten for this, until it occurred to me that they’re pushing on immediate disclosure anyway. So: eight out of ten. Coming from a GOP blog, that isn’t actually a bad score for the Times.


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