Well, at least it wasn’t a Molotov cocktail.


Republican HQ’s Vandalized, Workers Threatened

MURFRESSBORO, Tenn. — The Republican headquarters in Murfreesboro was vandalized, and workers there said they have received threats.

The Republican Party in Rutherford County is planning a rally Tuesday night, where hundreds of people are expected and singer Aaron Tippin is slated to perform. Police believe these vandals may have been trying to draw attention away from the event.

Overnight, the Republican Party’s office on the courthouse square in downtown Murfreesboro was attacked. A large brick with a symbol for anarchy written on it was thrown through a window, taking out the entire glass front.

(H/T: Instapundit, and all spelling errors theirs.)

Nice touch on the anarchy symbol, but I’ll start believing that this was third-party when the anarchists start targeting Obama storefronts, too. It’s like ACORN: sure, they say that they’re nonpartisan in their targets, but they’re always pointing the business end at the GOP.

And that pretty much sums it up, nu?

Moe Lane