He’s not resigning.

He’s not going to get declared mentally incompetent by the Supreme Court of Illinois.

He’s not going to pick Obama’s replacement in the Senate.

He’s not going to be successfully impeached for months.

He’s going down swinging, including petitioning to use campaign funds to pay for his defense.

He’s, in fact, thoroughly messed up the mojo of the Illinois Democratic Party, and causing the Illinois Republican Party to gleefully point out the former’s utter hypocrisy:

And it’s only Thursday. What will he do tomorrow?

Moe Lane

PS: He’s a Democratic Governor who tried to shake down a children’s hospital. Sorry: “Allegedly.”

Also, he’s the guy that hired Eric “Chiquita” Holder to be his guy on getting a casino deal done. Not allegedly, although Chiquita somehow “forgot” about it.

PPS: Do you know what would help get this controversy off of the radar screen? A special election. Surely the Democrats think that they can win this one without too much trouble, right?