I’m given to understand that it’s just not the same when you’re chasing a gentile*. Mind you, he got away. That’s because the part of Bob Kerrey’s leg that was left behind in Vietnam is of more intrinsic value to society than a member of the antiwar movement, and is almost certainly still in better physical shape:

A little after 11:30 p.m., Mr. Kerrey emerged from a university building on Fifth Avenue south of 14th Street to a sea of a few hundred protesters chanting for his resignation. As Mr. Kerrey walked down Fifth Avenue toward 12th Street, about 30 protesters began following him, some of them shouting insults.

As the crowd’s pace quickened, so did Mr. Kerrey’s. Then, Mr. Kerrey, who lost a part of his leg in Vietnam and wears a prosthesis, broke into a run. The protesters gave chase. Mr. Kerrey turned left on a cross street and ducked into a brownstone.

They’re not even particularly good brownshirts, thankfully. But check out the comment section: it took about #49 or so before somebody had the mother-wit to say, You know, chasing an elderly disabled man down the street while things are thrown at him is kind of, well, sick – and even then it was one of us VRWC knuckle-dragging interlopers who made what would be expected to be the first response of anyone normal.

Ach, well. Progressives.

(H/T: Instapundit)

Moe Lane

PS: I neither really know nor particularly care about whatever it is going on at the New School that got the would-be Sturmabteilung off and running… what? Don’t like me comparing antiwar protesters to Nazis? Well, have them stop spending their nights trying to chase down elderly disabled men who disagree with them politically, then. Anyway, I’m sure that the original issue is all very interesting, to a certain sort of mind.

PPS: This all happened two weeks ago, by the way – and apparently the protesters accomplished about as much on their political activism as they did with their pick-up torchlight mob; which is to say, nothing much at all.

*I wouldn’t know personally, either way. I’m a Republican, after all.