I was going to wait until Ms. Roby had a campaign website up – she only announced last week, and this was Memorial Day weekend – but apparently the local Democrats are already beginning to play the “create multiple accounts and go after her for being a mom*” in local comment sections, so best to get this up now.

So.  AL-02.  R+16 in the Cook Political Report; Bobby Bright won this one by something like 1800 votes.  Against an incumbent and/or a Democratic President’s coattails, he would have lost.  Bright claims “Blue Dog” status; he has slightly more reason than some, given that he did break with his party to vote against the ‘stimulus‘ package.  The DCCC has him on their list of Representatives to protect, so he’s almost certain to get away with that, too.  They may even drop more money on him this time, assuming of course that they have it to spare.

But enough about this calculated insult to progressive Democrats by their own party; let’s look at Martha Roby.  She’s young (32 years old), currently on the City Council for Montgomery, where she apparently represents a majority-minority constituency (if this report is correct, in her last election she won majorities among both white and African-American voters in her city district).  She’s popular in her home area, plans to run as a conservative, and it can be safely assumed that her candidacy is going to be supported by the NRCC.

Plus, she is – as mentioned earlier – a mother of two.  This is something that I wouldn’t go out of my way to mention about either a female or male candidate, but apparently – as also mentioned earlier – this sort of thing bothers online Democrats, at least when it comes to female Republican candidates.  Rather regressive of them, butwhat can you do?

Moe Lane

*As I’ve said before, the Democrats beat feminism to death with a tire iron to win the last election.  Worse still, at least a few of them seem to have found that they have a taste for it.

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