Clearly in reference to Jim Cramer’s I’ve-been-saving-this-for-months revenge clip* of a few days ago, the Gallup organization would like you to know that there’s no historical relationship between a President’s approval rating and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

None at all.

Absolutely zero.

Mind you, that wasn’t the argument that got made – Cramer was arguing that this specific President’s disapproval ratings (via Gallup!) were being reflected in the S&P 500 going up – but nonetheless, Gallup felt the need to do that analysis.

Well. Thanks for letting us know.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I see the large holes in Cramer’s theory. So does Cramer, probably. It’s still funny that Gallup felt the need to do some repair work here. Clumsily.

*Worth revisiting:

PPS: I also look forward to the people ready to tell me earnestly that this Gallup analysis really had nothing to do with Cramer’s video. No, really: it’s a lovely Saturday afternoon in which to have a laugh.

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