There is an aspect to our conservative response to healthcare reform which is growing increasingly troubling to me.

When we provide our own “solutions” to the perceived healthcare “crisis,” one particular proposal is to enhance healthcare insurance policy portability by breaking down state regulatory barriers prohibiting a person in one state from purchasing a less expensive or more appropriate policy in another state.

On the surface, I think this proposal makes a lot of sense.  It seems to promote the free market and consumer empowerment.

However, as a federalist and constitutionalist, what business is it of the federal goverment to meddle with state laws and regulations?  If one state wants to have more or less healthcare insurance regulation, doesn’t the constitution permit it to do so? 

If, as conservatives, we promote the idea of the federal government forcing states to fall in line on health insurance portability, aren’t we opening up ourselves to allowing the federal government to usurp state sovereignty in other areas as well?