My daughter attends a Catholic college, and the campus chapter of the Knights of Columbus raised enough money to put up a monument on campus to the infants that have been murdered aborted. You can read the article about it at

You would think that a Catholic campus would be a safe place to do this, but you’d be wrong. A female student wrote to the college paper to complain about it. In the process she hauled out the tired old liberal meme that “men don’t have the right to an opinion on abortion”.

This has gotto be the single most offensive statement in the entire liberal repertoire at least, I hope it is – it’s hard to imagine anything more insulting.


The Graham-Cassidy Bill Must Pass

I’m in my early 50’s and a father of three, one of whom was “unplanned”. Our oldest child is now a senior in college, our youngest is now a senior in high school, and I’ve been there every step of the way. I’ve changed diapers and boiled bottles, wiped noses and dealt with all the childhood illnesses. I practically bankrupted myself paying for Catholic schools because it was my responsibility to give my kids the best education I could afford. In order to be in a good place to raise children, I quit a job with NASA, a dream that sustained me through an inner-city high school and four years of engineering school. Aa few years later, I took a pass on most of the internet boom while people less qualified than me made millions, because I didn’t want to uproot the kids.

I’m not looking for any medals for any of this; it’s no more than doing what I was supposed to do. But can you imagine how it feels to read that I don’t have a right to an opinion on child-bearing issues?

After 20 years of being a devoted parent, am I supposed to accept the idea that, by dint of having a uterus, some college girl has the right to lecture me on what an imposition nine months of pregnancy are? About the financial and personal burdens of having (not RAISING, mind you, just HAVING) a child? I passed up an opportunity to be a part of history, then passed up an opportunity to make a fortune, and instead spent two decades taking jobs I HATED in a steadily dwindling local market, just to avoid making my kids change schools; is there anyone in the world who has the right to tell me anything about what it means to subordinate your youth and your career to the good of your children? I’ve spent a fortune on non-pubic schooling, and I have nothing saved up towards retirement; who knows better than me the cost of raising children?

And if none of that earns me the right to an opinion on this topic, how about this: in the middle of one particularly awful night my wife miscarried a child in her fifth month, and I ended up midwifing the delivery myself, because we didn’t have time to get her to the hospital. Anyone who can look into the dead eyes of a five-month stillborn and call it “tissue” is uttrerly and completely soulless. Does looking into the dead eyes of my own stillborn child buy me the right to an opinion on the humanity of a fetus?

The next time you hear someone claim that men have no right to an opinion on abortion, I want you to remember me. Then I want you to look them in the eye and tell them that they’re full of crap.