Liberals are psychologically insecure people who suffer from innate self-doubt and self-hatred. So they compensate by constantly setting up conservative/Republican bogeymen to attack in order to keep their ignorant political base – and themselves – agitated.

Liberals will babble on endlessly about “tolerance” and “compassion” yet they will insult you to your face if you are a conservative. Ever notice?

Who could forget black Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters saying that “the Tea Party can go straight to hell…”

Civility, anyone?

And since liberals are so compulsively and maniacally hostile to conservatives, they need to bring down any conservative who threatens them. They indeed are the schoolyard bully picking on anyone they don’t like with their media allies behind them every step of the way like the bully with his mob of thugs lined up behind him.

Because at heart the bully is always a coward.

Look at recent history. Who could forget the rave reviews for Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech at the Republican national convention in August 2008 just a short time after John McCain introduced her to America.

Yet Democrats saw this magnificent speech and were immediately very disturbed. They realized that Palin was precisely the kind of person whom many Americans want as a leader, that she has a “common touch” and that she was attractive and natural on stage and that Americans adored her address and her demeanor. And they realized that that speech was only the beginning of Palin’s rise and that they must nip Palin in the bud.

So they decided to take immediate action to destroy her. And they savaged her until Obama was elected. Then after the election, in December 2008, her church in Alaska was hit by an arson attack obviously perpetrated by one of these radical ‘occupier’-type lunatics.

And they have sought to destroy her every minute since in an unrelenting crusade. Palin’s parents even keep loaded guns in their house. You know, in case one of those “peaceful” and “tolerant” liberals shows up, one of the many who have threatened Palin over the years.

Now we have Herman Cain, another conservative whom liberals see as a threat. Cain has all those same qualities that liberals saw as menacing in Palin – he is a real person, has a great personality, speaks to the heart by being genuine and open, and is not afraid of the left and its vicious media machine.

You know… real dangerous stuff. And so Cain must be Palinized.

Just think about Herman Cain. Until September 2011 he was just that black conservative who was running for president, the pizza guy.

Yet the moment Cain ‘popped’ politically and seemed like he was a serious threat as a potential presidential candidate, the left went into overdrive with all the charges of “sexual harassment”. And now about an affair. To nip Cain in the bud. Like Palin.

Yet what we are seeing is pathological harassment of a different type – the political harassment of yet another conservative. Then several women “came forward” in the usual solemn procession with allegations against Cain.

One, Sharon Bialek, was such a flake that she was generally dismissed right away. Her very questionable history has been exposed – a reputation as a troublemaker and a gold-digger; two bankruptcies; a hoax about an alleged “fiancé” who is not her fiancé any longer; and an unstable job history that looks very suspect. One investigator who uses voice patterns as a lie detector even said that Cain had passed and that Bialek had failed.

Of course one week after Bialek’s bombshell testimony about a sexual assault by Cain, she disappeared from sight. Then several weeks later came the allegations of a Cain sexual affair by a female named Ginger White.

And typically the same media who sought to destroy every accuser against Bill Clinton did zero inquiry into Bialek or Cain’s other accusers. Where are the interviews with co-workers as to the real character of Bialek and White?

Not one… In fact it was Fox news that revealed that Bialek lived in the same Chicago apartment building as top Obama operative David Axelrod.

Sean Hannity has known Cain for 10 years and says that he does not believe any of the charges, as many of us do not. Because when you know somebody like Cain, you form a picture in your mind. And the picture of Cain does not fit the charges.

Yet when we knew somebody like Bill Clinton, we could all easily understand the charges against him.

But nothing has been proven against Cain. Not a thing. And this is a new Stalinist tactic of the Media Left and the Democrat party in America and it is utterly frightening. Just make an accusation and let the media run with it…

You will see these allegations against Cain disappear just as Bialek surfaced and disappeared quickly. But they have had the desired effect. They planted doubt in voters’ minds about Cain. And for the left only an allegation is needed, not proof. Just as there have been endless allegations against Sarah Palin, none of which have been proven.

These charges, however, have pretty much put Cain out of the running, which was the point. They were made to smear a black conservative who is the most dangerous species to liberals because such a person threatens the ignorant black Democrat voter base.

See how the nasty left works? They don’t have to prove a thing in their totalitarian world where people are ruined by word of mouth and by innuendo.

Yet Ted Kennedy, who we know for sure drowned Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969, ran for president in 1980 and the media supported him. He was revered until the day he died and still is.

Now Sarah Palin is on the sidelines raising her family and acting as a conservative sentinel. Good for her. Someday she will run for president and could very well win. She is young yet. She has plenty of time.

And her role today as a conservative activist is perhaps more significant than as a presidential candidate. She can stay in Alaska, work over the internet, write books, make personal appearances and give speeches and, anytime over the next 25 years, run for president. This all comes after the media attacks on her have exhausted themselves and no longer have one shred of credibility as they do not have today.

Meanwhile Herman Cain will not be the Republican nominee in 2012. It will be Romney or Gingrich. So what will happen to Cain?

Let us hope that he will become the new Sarah Palin. Because we know Palin has decades of activism ahead of her and Cain has many years too.

Indeed Cain may become a permanent political activist on the right who will rouse up the base with good cheer and by throwing the relentless assaults of the vicious Media Left back in their faces. Herman Cain may in fact become the Media Left’s worst nightmare.

He will take on the malicious news outlets that have covered up for every lie and obfuscation of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and all the rest, but who attacked George Bush every day for more than eight years. And now they have taken on Cain.

So the media in effect have created Herman Cain. And as an activist, Cain could come back to haunt the liberals just as the media created Sarah Palin with their relentless attacks on her. And she will be back to haunt them for decades, rest assured. She is not down and out. She’s reloading…

And Cain always has a smile on his face, which Americans love. Compare him to the sourpuss Bill Clinton or the frowning apocalyst Al Gore or the perpetually enraged Michelle Obama or that fake Biden smirk and you have night and day. Cain is not going to let these media monsters get him down. He did not back down an inch in these attacks on his character which is what the media expected.

Thus watch Herman Cain burn bright for the conservative cause for many years to come. Because he is a real conservative and a fighter who does not run away from these liberal bullies. And you know what? Someday he could even be elected president.

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