Sunday’s Washington Post ran a column by a woman named Sophia Nelson. The title of the column tells you everything you need to know about it: “Black. Female. Accomplished. Attacked.”

As little faith as I have in liberal newspapers such as The Washington Post, the fact that they would run this column is appalling. There are very real problems for America in having a first lady who has no problem calling America “downright mean” and saying she has never before been proud of America (youtube at–watch it for yourself and decide if her explanation is believable). Not WRIGHT for America has chronicled them here. Why would other countries respect America if the President’s wife didn’t?

But in running this column, the Post columnist dismisses all these concerns as the paranoid musings of racists. It’s simple–if you have a bad thing to say about Michelle Obama, it has nothing to do with her apparent disgust with the United States. It is because you are a racist and you cannot stand to see a black woman succeed.

Of course, this was not a column authored by The Washington Post. But the fact that they would run it all is telling. It looks as if we are going to see much more of this soon, with the liberal media circling the wagons around the Obamas by ascribing racist motives to people who are critical of them.

I think it is wonderful that the Obamas have achieved so much after modest upbringings, though I don’t want their success to include the presidency, and I would prefer that he hold no public office at all. The Obamas’ success reaffirms the greatness of America. Sure it is helpful to be born wealthy, but unlike in many other countries, it is not a requirement to achieving massive success.

And I part with a lot of my conservative brethren in that I view Obama’s achievements to date as remarkable. He has parlayed a short and mediocre Senate career into the position he currently enjoys–the favorite to win the American presidency. Regardless of what happens in November, the future is bright for the Obama family, notwithstanding Michelle Obama’s negative outlook.

The problems with Barack and Michelle Obama have nothing to do with their race and everything to do with their radical politics.