GOP Chairman, Tom Kuypers, admits he rigged Congressional Convention to exclude properly elected delegates.

When a group of people who had supported Ron Paul in the primaries elected the caucus chairman and elected a slate of delegates to the congressional and state conventions Tom Kuypers states “I went ballistic!”

He states that on the day of the 2nd congressional convention, he “had them thrown out” and further states “If folks out there want to blame somebody for doing so they can blame me.”

He filed the complaint and sat on the credentials committee that determined the validity of his complaint.

Challenged delegates made several attempts prior to the convention to discover the nature of their challenges, but the MO GOP refused to provide them this information.

On the day of the convention challenged delegates were placed behind a barricade and not permitted to defend against my Kuypers’ allegations or provide contrary evidence. Parliamentary appeals were not heard.

Duly elected delegates were not seated due to the actions of this man, the 2nd Congressional District Chairman, and the Missouri GOP.

Video of him making the statements