Many of us do not consider ourselves social media gurus, but there are three relatively easy things that we can do to help the Romney/Ryan team in the next two and a half months.  That will take small amounts of time, but pay off big if done as a large group of conservatives.

Let’s help Barack spend that money
One of the things that I’ve noticed lately is that Barack and friends have started to advertise on what I generally consider conservative web sites such as my much loved (poll junkie!).

I have no idea what sort of advertising payment Obama is using, but it doesn’t take long to click on an Obama ad and if he’s paying for a click-through then you’ve just helped him spend a bit of his money to help reach you.

Tweet a few times a day and pick your hash tags
If you do not have a twitter account, go ahead and sign up for one now. It’s not rocket science to make it happen.

Once you have, plan to tweet a few times a day. Please don’t tweet crazy stuff or stuff that would be considered crazy by most people as that just makes Romney/Ryan look crazy and the left is already trying for this (by crazy, I mean Birther level crazy types of stuff).

Using hastags on twitter
The other key aspect of your tweeting is to put hashtags (e.g. #rr2012) that either target a specific group or can build and keep pro-Romney hastags as “trending” on twitter.

A hashtag is anything that you append to an “#” in the middle or at the end of a tweet.

Hashtags are then indexed and people can easily search on them.

Depending on what kind of message you are trying to send, may change your hashtag.

If you are trying to encourage your fellow conservatives about new polling (like yesterday’s) then you might use #tcot #teaparty #rr2012 #romneyryan2012 such as this:

Great new polling for #Mitt #Romney in swing states yesterday.  Keep working my friends.#tcot #teaparty #rr2012 #romneyryan2012

If you are trying to point out that Obamacare hurts seniors then you might use something different:

Obamacare weakened Medicare.  Save #Medicare. Elect #Mitt #Romney and repeal #Obamacare #romneyryan2012 #aarp #nov6

Use different tweet verbage

Don’t simply repeat exactly what you’ve seen (although an occasional re-tweet is fine), but try to make the point in a slightly different way each time.
Tweet with links to articles you think would appeal to independents
Have you read a good article today that you think an independent might find makes a strong argument for Romney and against Obama? Tweet about it and link it on twitter.

Lots of tweets with the same hastag will send the hastag trending
Of course, if you just spam twitter then twitter will shut you down. That’s why it’s important to have a lot of us doing a few tweets a day to push those numbers up.
Post one article a week on facebook
Do you know those people who constantly post pictures of cute animals that drive you crazy because they flood your facebook feed?

Don’t be that guy.  Most people don’t want to read about politics every day.

Three Tips For Using Facebook

1) Pick one day a week (I use Fridays) to post something about the election.

If most of your friends are conservatives already then post about how the polls are better for Romney than the media makes it out to be and that all we need to do is work hard to get out the vote.

If you have a lot of on the fence friends then post an article that makes an argument for Romney vs Ryan on issues that you think your friends might care about?

2) Avoid being the obnoxious Romney/Ryan guy on facebook.  If your friends post things about the election, weigh in OCCASSIONALLY, but not ever single time.  Otherwise, you just become the rabid conservative and they tune you out.

3) Make sure you have your facts straight.  When you post talking points and don’t have a way to back them up then you look stupid which isn’t what we’re going for here.