Well, not exactly.

Biden actually demanded answers of Samuel Alito about Alito’s associations with “the Concerned Alumni of Princeton,” something most would agree is an association several degrees less serious than associations with terrorist bombers, America-hating pastors, and organizations involved in wide-scale voter fraud.

Based on Biden’s own record of casting aspersions based upon the previous associations of his political foes (however loose those associations may have been) the blow-hard from Delaware is exhibiting RANK hypocrisy in maintaining that it’s somehow out of bounds to ask similar questions of a potential President of the United States. Apparently Biden believes that McCain will “regret for the rest of his life” actions Biden himself has taken against his own political foes.

From the US Senate Judiciary Committee Alito Confirmation Hearings:

BIDEN: And all I want to ask you is: Were you aware of the other things that this outfit was talking about? Were you aware of this controversy going on in…

ALITO: Senator, I don’t believe that I was.

ALITO: And when it was mentioned that Senator Bradley had withdrawn from the magazine, that didn’t ring any bells for me. I did not recall anything like that.

BIDEN: Well, it was a pretty outrageous group.

Does Biden not believe that the terrorist Weather Underground was a “pretty outrageous group?” Does he not believe we should wonder what Obama was aware of and when? Does he believe that we should simply accept at face value Obama’s claims that he was not aware of Ayer’s activities? Acorn’s activities? Reverend Wright’s activities? Why one standard for Samuel Alito and another for Barack Obama?

Why is is it okay to grill a potential Supreme Court Justice on what he knew about a friggin’ ALUMNI MAGAZINE but off limits and beyond the bounds to ask a presidential candidate about his associations with terrorist bombers, hate-spewing pastors, and perpetrators of voting fraud?

At the very least, based on Biden’s own record, he should not be the one to complain when the questions are even asked. Unlike Alito, Obama has never even attempted to clear the air about these matters. Apparently he’s afraid to, or he wouldn’t be sending his surrogates to savage anyone who even dares to ask the questions.