That’s the speculation, of course. I don’t know whether a Clinton appointment as Secretary of State will come to pass but if it does, Clinton will be the latest in a long line of . . . er . . . Clintonites to join the Clinton Obama Administration.

Perhaps I should not be so snarky. After all, the Clintonites are the last Democrats to people a Democratic Administration so it is natural that with the return of the Democrats to the White House, there should be a fair number of Clintonites coming on board. But this many? Amusing. So much for Change We Can Believe In; one can be forgiven for wondering which candidate really won the Iowa caucus back in the snows of January. Oh, and despite the derision of lobbyists during the Presidential campaign, we see that at least one Clintonite lobbyist is joining the Obama White House. Imagine that. Betcha there will be others.

Because no absurd story would be complete without Andrew Sullivan’s involvement in it, consider this post in which Barack Obama’s Unofficial Press Secretary praises the Hillary choice because “[l]eft to fester in the Senate, Clinton will plot against the president if he doesn’t actively seek her support and engagement and ‘spread the political wealth’ of his mandate.” Gushes Sullivan, “[i]t’s an elegant and shrewd move; both public spirited and yet coldly calculating at the same time. Pure Obama.” Whatever. Not once in his post does Sullivan express any concern that basing the choice of America’s chief diplomat on the need to ensure that said diplomat doesn’t spend time in the Senate “plotting” against the President means that the presence of actual diplomatic acumen and international savvy at Foggy Bottom is being sacrificed to naked re-election considerations four years down the road, after a Presidential campaign that has lasted two years just ended. Not once in his post does Sullivan state any unease with the prospect of having Hillary Clinton–a politician Sullivan raged against and obsessed over before Sarah Palin came to the fore–as Secretary of State. What Obama dictates shall be, as far as the writer for the Daily Dish is concerned. Give Sullivan his due; if Caesar had such loyal acolytes, Brutus and Cassius would have been murdered in their sleep, their infamous deed undone and their names unknown to posterity.