What the President’s Executive Order really means:

. . . Contrary to reports, Obama did not shut down Gitmo. Rather, he issued an order saying he will (or, to be precise, he intends to and is willing to commit in advance to) shut down Gitmo in a year’s time. This, to mix a metaphor, is kicking the can as far down the road as he possibly can without being penalized for delay of game. Or, to mix yet another metaphor, Obama is promising to write a popular book in a year’s time and is happy to pocket a sizable advance of good will and commentary now; book to be written later. Until then, however, other actions, like the shuttering of other detention centers, will have an immediate impact.

Read the whole thing for an interesting discussion on nomenclature as well. Interesting that so many people criticized George W. Bush for labeling the struggle against terrorism a “war,” but failed to pipe up when Barack Obama said the same thing in his Inaugural Address. Do they perhaps just think that he doesn’t mean it?