On Wednesday, April 18th, 2012, CNN published the findings of a telephone poll seeking the views of American Republican voters as to who they’d most like to see Mitt Romney pick as his Vice Presidential running mate if he wins the Republican nomination for president.

Condoleezza Rice topped the poll with 26%.

Another question asked Republican voters if they had a favourable or unfavorable opinion of certain people in the news and again Condoleezza Rice topped the poll with an 80% favorable result.

The detailed results from the poll as regards Condoleezza Rice are included below.

As well as a link to the CNN Politics – Political Ticker webpage which reports the poll finding, other political and news websites have reported the results of this poll and many bloggers have commented and two example excerpts (from Politico & Hot Air) are included here.

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Poll Findings

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The result of this poll is not a surprise because the voters confidence in Condi in the White House is nothing new.

The only thing which changed this week is that the pollster on this occasion put the name “Condoleezza Rice” in as a poll option in the questions.

Most of the political polls don’t name “Condoleezza Rice” as someone to think about voting for and that’s the main reason why Condi isn’t regularly topping many political polls, especially when voters are asked to pick their favorite Republican for President or VP.

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