With all the hullabaloo going on this weekend concerning our very own Right-Wing nutjob, Absentee’s amazing video: The Gov. Palin VP selection and the asinine attacks from the left who are quaking in their boots about it; and of course that little soirée up in Minneapolis, it turns out that the progress in Iraq is moving along unabated.

Iraqi civilian authorities today assumed responsibility for security in Iraq’s Anbar province, where Iraqi forces will now have the lead in security operations, President Bush said in a statement released by the White House. “Today, Anbar is no longer lost to al Qaeda – it is al Qaeda that lost Anbar. Iraqis – like countless other Muslims across the world – witnessed al Qaeda’s brutality first-hand and rejected it,” Bush said. “As a result, Anbar has been transformed and reclaimed by the Iraqi people.” —DOD

Recall that Anbar Province is the home to Ramadi and Fallujah where the US forces suffered substantial losses, over 175 killed and 700 wounded (