Let me ask everybody here a question:

Do you imagine that Progressive America will allow Mitt Romney to run a government?

Consider the level of noise they generated yesterday just because Romney dared to criticize the President’s flaccid response to Americans being targeted and killed on 9/11.

Then consider the level of hysteria they displayed over President Bush, unrelenting for eight years. Consider how progressive agents within the government systematically undermined Bush’s agenda, by releasing classified information to America’s enemies, running black ops (like the Plame Game) to discredit his policies, releasing false reports (like the NIE on Iran’s nuclear capabilities) to limit his policy choices, and producing doctored “research” (like the Johns Hopkins “study” citing absurd collateral damage statistics in Iraq) to call him a monster. Consider how they launched 300 separate investigations into his administration in 2006, certain that they would find criminal activity (but finding none.) Consider how they held conferences in the wake of that planning Stalin-like truth panels to prosecute his “war crimes.”

Those things are not going to be less with Romney; their dementia are escalating. What will it be this time? Will they produce children whom Romney is supposed to have molested? Will they manufacture evidence of questionable financial dealings to trump up an impeachment? Will there be a coup attempt from State and the CIA?

Do you really think they will allow President Romney to run the government?

HOW LONG must this continue to deteriorate before we admit the obvious? With progressives in the mix, THERE CAN BE NO REPUBLIC.

You can’t play a game with an opponent who does not agree to the rules. If you put 11 men on the field and they put 19, what do you say to them? If they haven’t agreed to the rules, they’re not going to take those men off the field. That’s why the Constitution contains an oath of office: they authors knew there was no point to a republic in which a player refused to abide by the rules.

What they never envisioned was a republic in which an entire party, representing more than a third of the nation, swore falsely without a qualm of conscience. They would be the first to agree that no republic can operate with that in it.

It is time to partition the nation. Let them have their own nation. We’ll have ours. We will never reconcile as long they continue the insanity.