It Began November 6th, 2008

It’s time for change in the Republican Party. And it’s up to us.

The Republican Party, the great party birthed in the throes of the upheaval of a nation in 1860 as the party of liberty and freedom, has been all but completely nullified as a principled voice in the American arena. The 2008 election proved beyond a doubt that the party organization has been overrun by men & women who are either ignorant of or deliberately undercut the rich heritage of limited government, fiscal restraint and strong values. Almost as bad is the palpable lack of momentum at the local level.

My wife and I witnessed the new momentum in American politics this Tuesday as we worked a Lancaster County, PA polling place for a Republican statewide candidate & personal friend of ours. We discovered that the poll had not been staffed by the party for two thirds of the day. In addition, there wasn’t a sign in sight, other than the button on my wife’s collar.

In contrast, the Democrat Party enjoyed at least 4 enthusiastic volunteers with tables, balloon, signs and “sample ballots” marked with straight-ticket blue colorings. It was a pathetic thing. What’s more, we weren’t the only ones – others we know reported similar situations at other polling places. Lancaster County suffered a 44% vote for Obama, the worst since LBJ actually took the County in 1964. Where was the “grand old party” when we needed it – on the ground?

Reports from Harrisburg are filled with revelations of corruption and gridlock, favoritism and pandering to a loose-cannon Governor. Where is the party of principle and progress? Who will set the standard of excellence in a state beset by politicking and leftwing influence? I fear the complacency from eight years of fat has clogged the arteries of our once-energetic leadership.

What have we come to when a dedicated public servant such as Mrs. Palin, who gave up so much to run alongside a confirmed RINO for the good of her country, is vilified by those in her own party? Who ARE these people who care so little for their own “R” that they would put personal ambition before unity in such a time as this?

Friends, the time has come to take back this party from the “leaders” the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain. Change will not come from the ones you think you trust in power – it will only come from you, the one raising a family, starting a business or embarking on the American journey as a teenager. Whatever our racial, religious, ethnic background, gender or age we must rally as one party to the principles so ably espoused by those who sacrificed their fortunes, family and lives for. All Republicans need to rally to the core principles that made our party great and eschew those who would compromise them. Then, we reignite the national debate by truly reaching across the aisle from a position of strength!

The movement began November 6th 2008. It had to. Our day of mourning is over. Let’s begin the countercharge and not look back. I encourage each of you to look around the community and seek ways to get involved with your local party – run for office, committee, volunteer on staff, whatever – and begin to blunt the gains made by the Big Government Party last Tuesday by talking to your neighbors, family, friends about the American dream again. Come 2010 we need 4 enthusiastic workers at every poll ourselves! We need to start looking over the shoulder of our elected representatives and sniff out the RINOS everywhere they have latched on. We need to start taking an active interest in our state government and maybe even pay our congressman a visit every so often to hold them accountable for their stands on the floor…

This party deserves a new start with new faces and energy, but adherence to the timeless values that have, in the true analyis, distinguished us every time in the hearts of Americans. Are you ready to rumble?