There is a problem with the abortion “Debate.”

Half the people arguing believe it is only a simple question of “When does life begin?”
Well, this is what it really should be. After all, if life has not begun, then the abortion is a simple medical procedure entirely up to the person getting it and her healthcare provider.
If life Has begun, then the abortion is murder. It is a homicide. And, considering the steps one must take to get an abortion (ANY abortion), it’s premeditated.

However, the other half of the “debaters” are arguing no such thing. They don’t care when life begins. Their position is that a mother can murder her children for any reason at any age. Thus, Partial Birth Abortions and the other extreme practices endorsed by that Party (it is an official Democrat Party position that abortions should not be restrained for any reason).
Partial Birth Abortions involve giving birth to the child either naturally or medically (C-Section), and, before the child is fully out of the womb, killing it in any number of ways. Even if you take the position that life does not begin Until birth, you must acknowledge that this procedure Is murder because the child Is born when it takes place.
Furthermore, the Dems have blocked on numerous occasions and challenged in court when they failed to block them, laws that require children who Survive abortions to receive medical care. Taking the position that a child who Survives an abortion and is wholly born can be legally murdered.

This is what we face with the debate. Forget entirely whether it’s good or not. That’s not the debate. Hasn’t been for decades, if it ever was.
The debate is “Can a mother legally murder her children at any age?”