Like a lot of people out here, Rush is a hero of mine. To root for him is to root for all of us conservatives. More than any other living person, he is our champion. We have felt his ups and downs as our own. Lately though, a little concern has been nagging my mind and has finally coalesced with the latest bailout money being aimed at the auto industry. Is GM using big ad buys to mute criticism from Rush and Sean?

In a nutshell, GM has big ad buys on both shows, not merely commercials, but live endorsement spots, highlighting their new hybrid and flex fuel vehicles, and have begun the run-up to the Volt, the all-electric plug in. The hosts are driving demo models of these cars, and talking them up, and Sean said he bought the Escalade hybrid. Nothing wrong with this in itself, I’m glad for them to get the accounts. But it seems to me that rather than pushing these cars, they should be mocking them instead.

Lets face it; these kinds of cars are built around some decidedly UN-conservative ideas. Flex fuel and hybrid vehicles are made for one objective: Save the planet from “global warming”. They are more expensive to buy, and ethanol is more expensive due to lower mileage AND government subsidies. It has also been shown pretty convincingly to be an environmental hoax, and though a boon for certain farmers, it has driven up food costs throughout the world. By the way, where is the vast demand for these cars? There has been a small group of buyers who always loved the idea of the hybrid, and high gas prices temporarily drove up demand for better mileage cars. Still, they are only about 1% of the market. When gas prices are reasonable, what people really want (and buy) are larger, safer cars.

I haven’t heard Rush play that hilarious Shanklin parody, “In a Yugo” lately, but it really captured the essence of the issue. There have always been good reasons to be skeptical of small cars as a way to save the planet, most particularly that we “save the planet” at the expense of human lives, lives lost due to higher fatality rates of small cars. These lives are literally human sacrifices to Mother Earth.

Government carrots and sticks drive Big Auto in a direction most people don’t want to go. As they invest more in factories for these cars, fueled by government incentives, they will need to defend the systems they build; that is, flex fuel and electric. Is GM likely to support “Drill Here Drill Now” to bring down fuel prices? Doubtful. Ironically, building the Volt now seems especially risky in light of Obama’s promise to “bankrupt coal” and cause electricity prices to “skyrocket”. How long before the carrots and (mostly) sticks are aimed at consumers, by Big Government protecting it’s share of Big Auto?

I see a conflict coming for Rush and Sean. Pelosi has already hinted that bailout money will be buying even greater control over the Auto industry. Goodbye, Suburbans! This will certainly result in an even bigger disaster for Big Auto. More than ever, we need Rush and Sean to stand up against this terrible idea. Are they still willing to criticize these cars and the government policies driving them? Has it already had an effect? It seems only Mark Levin has not thus far been a part of the GM ad campaign. (Intentional?)

For now, the election has probably killed any real chance for an energy independence policy built around developing our domestic resources. If the Big Auto gets re-tooled around insane environmental ideas, it will only serve to lock in insane energy ideas. Conservatives can’t afford compromise on energy independence. Rush, Mark and Sean have been leaders warning about nutty environmentalism, and advocating for domestic energy. Now they seem to be lending their voices to the global warming hoax.

Will two of our best voices on the issue be silenced by Big Auto money?