I’ve felt since the FL Primary that McCain is going to be the next President. Obama and Hillary the only two real Dem contenders at that point were just too inexperienced. Right now he is basically tied when he should be several points behind. As we get closer to the election and Americans become more familiar with Obama, particularly his complete lack of executive, business, or military experience, his poll numbers will continue to decline.

This gives McCain a chance to make an unconventional choice for VP without looking desperate (ala Mondale picking Ferraro).

If he should pick a woman that will lead to some votes from Hillary supporters and it just might slightly increase votes for Republicans overall this year.

More importantly, an unconventional pick and by that, I mean Not the same old type of Republican, would lead to a rethink by many women, some minorities, and even on the fence non-minority guys about what the Republican Party is. Right now, we can’t point to anybody on the national ticket ever being anything other than a middle aged or old non-minority guy. Dems have both Ferraro and Obama to point at and at least one serious female contender in Hillary.

Obviously the next question is who should he pick. My favorite by far is Bobby Jindal followed by Sarah Palin. I’m not sure either one of them has been vetted. Colin Powell would also fit this bill to some degree, but having a guy on the ticket, the same race as the unique Democratic nominee, may seem like too obvious of a move to counter Obama.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, would be another possible choice. There are others, but none of them have ever seemed to be in the mix.