Long critical of the McCain campaign’s clumsy strategeries, Philly talk radio host Michael Smirconish outed himself to his radio audience at the tail end of his Friday morning show that he is voting for Obama. The former Bush 41 HUD appointee and celebrity MC at Bush 43 campaign events in Pennsylvania defended himself by not defending himself. Instead, he pointed out that he has never been “a talk radio ideologue in the vein of Rush, Hannity, or Glen Beck.” My late father – a Kennedy and trade union democrat – would see through such hubris by pointing out that “he obviously believes his own B.S.”

Smirconish boasted of making his decision after interviewing both candidates multiple times and hearing their party convention acceptance speeches live. In the end, Smirconish admitted to “waking up early last Saturday morning, putting on his jacket, and driving to Progress Plaza (a North Philly strip mall adjacent to Temple University) and standing in the crowd to hear Obama one more time” before making up his mind.

From my years of occasionally tuning in to Smirconish on Philly morning talk radio, I long ago concluded that he had gone over to the other side in the culture war. His gigs on CNN and, more recently, MSNBC only confirmed my opinions of him as a liberal media wannabe. The last vestiges of his republican leanings could be heard only in his occasional faint praise of Ronald Reagan, but his only ties to the party of Reagan could be found in his friendship with frequent guest Arlen Spector.

OK, so now that Smirconish has admitted exactly what he is, let us see just what price he ends up negotiating for his soul. For a local talk radio jock who propelled himself to national recognition on the back of slain Philly police officer Daniel Falkner… let’s see how Smirconish’s “non-ideological” endorsement of the candidate most likely to pardon Mumia propels him to greatness with the MSM. He’ll need the pay raise as he already admits that Obama’s tax plan will cost him dearly at his income level.

Smirconish will further explain his media-liberal “coming out” in this coming Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer.

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