Yes, we conservatives have sometimes questioned the decisions of Senator McCain. Yes, we have often grumbled about his candidacy as our nominee.

Today this ends.

In selecting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, Senator McCain has ensured America will make history this November.

And it will be by making Governor Palin the first woman to serve as Vice President of the United States.

Unlike the Democrats’ false stereotypes of our party, Governor Palin is a Republican parent of young children who daily experiences the joys and challenges American families. Governor Palin is modern American mom pursuing her family’s happiness. She lives it. She gets it. And she will be an historic and effective Vice President of the United States. Her conservative credentials are impeccable: she is pro-life; pro-second amendment; pro-traditional marriage; pro-tax relief; pro-energy; and, yes, she has exposed and smashed government corruption, and opposes earmarks – like the “bridge to nowhere” she refused to accept.

Personally, she is continuing upon her own remarkable road in life. A championship high school basketball player, Sarah eloped with her high school sweetheart; and, today, with her husband Todd, this former PTA member is raising five beautiful children in their loving home. Of course, like other characteristically hearty Alaskans, Governor Palin loves outdoor recreation, including ice hockey, snowmobiles, and fishing and hunting – in fact, in her younger days Governor Palin hunted moose.

This experience will serve her well, as the Leftists have already launched their scurrilous attacks upon her for the sin of serving her country by trying to break the White House’s glass ceiling as a Republican. But fear not. Governor Palin will make a smooth transition from hunting Alaskan moose to hunting liberal old bulls and their misogynistic smears against her.

Thus, today is a day not for concern but celebration, congratulations and commencement: we celebrate the selection of the first GOP woman for the office of Vice President of the United States; we congratulate Senator McCain upon his sagacious decision and Governor Palin’s courageous acceptance; and we commence the battle to elect them both to lead the greatest nation on earth.