OK! McCain kicked booty last night, so we can move on to other news. Rep. Jack Murtha calls his own constituents of Western Pennsylvania, racists. Well, Jackie boy is up for reelection this year and the people of Western PA can prove him wrong….and vote against the old white guy. Obama has been playing the race card since the primaries. Don’t believe me, just ask Slick Willy Clinton. McCain and Palin have been called racists. So, since Obama decided he would be black, considering he did have a choice NOT to claim a particular racial identity, he has everyone on PC eggshells. So, all of us who support Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin must be screaming racists. Sorry, “O”, but I will not be “shamed” into voting for you. You are a Marxist and a liar. Be proud. How do I know you are lying? Easy, your lips are moving.