What do Liberals want?

What did/does Bill Ayers want?

What does Rev. Wright want?

What does ACORN want?

What do Democrats want?

What do most of Obama’s supporters want?

What does Obama himself want?

In a word Change. They have all….every single one of says they want to change America. They do not like the America of the past that was founded upon the conservative values.

What is really facing America today is something that has been growing for a long time. Much like a frog sitting in a pot of water with the temperature growing more and more.

With this election, it is very possible that those who hate conservatives and who see us as a dangerious element in American society, could effectively hold the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch of our government.

They want to re-make America in their own image and with their own humanistic ideals. A few examples of what we can expect to see

  • Gay marraige will be nationally recognised and legalized
  • Government assisted abortions of all types legalized
  • “In God we trust” will be removed from our currency, most likely when the G7 decides that a one world currency is the only way to fix the economic problems that exist and despite protest, Obama, the congress and the judicary will write into law the acceptance of one world currency system.
  • Tax expempt status for religious schools/organizations/churches will be regulated or revolked.
  • Unionization will take place on a large scale forcing businesses to comply with labor demands
  • Socialist programs on a massive scale will be implemented.
  • Businesses trying to move over seas to escape unionization will face penalties and tarrifs on goods that will make it impossible.
  • The right to bear arms will be reinterpreted that only the millita or armed forces are allowed to bear arms.
  • Freedom of speech especially in regards to the press will be regulated and controlled. Any networks against the liberal point of view will face immense intimidation through FCC licensing. Networks like Foxnews and radio talk shows like Rush Limbaugh will be given an ultimatium to conform or face the consequences. They will not conform and thus they will be shut down.

Our immediate problem is this election and seeing to it that Obama doesn’t get elected so that they cannot control all of the power. However I just want to point out that the problem facing America is not just this election. It is against a continually growing number that what to redefine America from our conservative roots to a liberal America.

I hear many who scream in fustration, how can they not see the problems with ACORN, or with Bill Ayers, or with Rev Wright, or with the socialistic agenda of the liberal democrates? I just shake my head at their failure to open their eyes and truly see, that the reason they don’t see anything wrong with Obama past ties, or with the things ACORM is doing, is because they see nothing wrong with them.

What people fail to realize is that Bill Ayers is a collge professor and many liberal people admire him. To a conservative, who’s loyalty is to America and its founding principles, it just doesn’t make any sense. But to those who want to see the old America destroy, just like Ayers did, they see and admire a person like Ayers for standing against the (evil) America. Some may not agree with the tatics he used, but they most definately embrace his philosophies and views of America.

As the list I mentioned above begins to be implemented, conservatives will become more and more hated and feared as they rise up in protest against these things. This will only add to the notion that liberals now currently hold of conservatives, which is conservatism is a form of radicalism that must be stopped. Conservatives will be given a choice to conform to the new system and ideology, or they will be systematically cut out of the system. You will not be able to get healthcare, you will not be able to work at a job, you will not be able have access to education, or even to buy food. And those caring and bleeding heart liberals will only point and say it serves you conservatives right.

I know some of you are saying, gez Rich this is a little bit over the top isn’t it? This is America dude, none of that is going to happen.

Your fogetting my friends that it isn’t America any more, and to think that none of this will happen is because you are using reason based upon America’s founding princples of freedom and democracy. The whole point of this peice is to get you to open your eyes and see that those who are going to be the implementers of this, want to change America and destroy everything and everyone who wish to keep the old America alive. Just ask youself what is the liberal view of the constitution? With control over all three branches of government, they have the power and the means to legislate, execute, and write into law those things which support and agree with the liberal mindset.

This election is giving us one last shot to elect a president that will appoint conservative judges. Should we fail, those Americans that identify as conservatives will become a people living in a land that no longer wishes them to be a part of its society. Only those who will deny and conform will be accepted.