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There are so many important topics in the news today it’s tough to know where to start.  

I mean, seriously.  We could cover Jack Hoogendyk’s second debate yesterday with Senator (for Life) Carl Levin, this one down in the motor city at the Detroit Economic Club.  After all, Hoogendyk again assailed Levin’s position on the bailout, pledging that were he in office he would have voted no and insisting that another bailout of the auto industry is not the right course of action.

Anytime anyone pursuing public office gets a chance to promote things like tax relief, fiscal sanity and Right-to-Work it’s worth serious props and an even more serious discussion.  Besides, how do you write a blog entry and not include what almost certainly has to be the quote of the cycle here in Michigan:

During the debate, Hoogendyk said automakers have been hurt by government policies, such as higher fuel efficiency standards and taxes.

“What government has done to the automotive industry in this state is broken both of their legs and perhaps one of their arms, and now that they’re lying in the ditch, offered them a cold glass of water” with the loan guarantee, he said.

I know it’s not Sunday but amen and preach!

Then again, we talked about Jack and Carl yesterday and there is the broader topic of Michigan’s Big 3 looming large on the horizon.  Certainly that’s worthy of most of our attention today.  General Motors and Chrysler continue to talk merger, ironing out the details and trying to make things work.

At last report GM would keep all of Chrysler’s brands but shutdown all of Chrysler’s auto plants.  Add to that the white collar management job losses and the possible contraction of dealerships and suppliers and you start getting into some really nasty job loss multipliers.  But before we start doing algebra let’s figure out what our baseline number is.  

Read on…

For that we turn to the nation’s leading financial publication courtesy of the Earth Times:

Amidst merger talks between struggling US auto leader General Motors and the third-largest US automaker Chrysler, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that up to 40,000 jobs could be sacrificed in the deal. The report quoted unnamed insiders.

According to the Journal of Labor Research, each automobile related job carries with it a spinoff job multiplier of 4.8.  Do a little math here and that comes to 192,000 jobs.  

So, yeah, that thing Jack was saying about breaking the industry’s arms and legs and leaving them in a ditch?  Sounds like he was only talking about the compound fractures you can see from the outside.  Start talking about 192,000 jobs lost and I think it’s safe to assume that forced unionization, ridiculous, job killing fuel economy spikes, astronomical tax rates and a variety of other regulations and red tape have also ruptured a spleen, punctured a lung, torn a hammy given the industry one whale of a concussion.  This one’s in rough shape, Doc.  I’m not sure he’s going to make it.

You know what, though?  That’s so bleak.  It’s so depressing.  And here in Michigan we always get depressing, especially when it comes to jobs these last six years under the Democrats watchful eye in Lansing.  Maybe we should focus on happier times and happier topics.  Let it never be said that we can’t crack a smile here in the Great Lakes State.  And who wouldn’t smile at the story of the Rifes, proud new parents profiled in this morning’s Detroit News:

Greyson was one of seven frozen embryos left over from another couple’s in-vitro fertilization treatments. The couple allowed the Rifes, of Falmouth, east of Cadillac in northern Michigan, to adopt them.

“This is God’s promise to us,” said Troy. “This is our baby boy.”

Greyson is what “they” call a snowflake baby.  Those frozen embryos the mad scientists backing Proposal 2 want you to vote to donate to their literally lethal experiments?  Greyson was one of those.  He was someone else’s frozen embryo.  

There are hundreds of children all around the nation today running, jumping, playing, learning to read, going to school, developing crushes on the cute girl in the other row… being human.  That’s the thing about embryos.  Embryo is a really cold word that in this context essentially means “human.”  Like you and me.  

Obviously we can’t have little people running around though.  Especially not when there are crazy men and women in lab coats who want to vivisect them in the pursuit of cures and treatments that appear more and more like the proverbial mirage in the desert.  Never mind that the same lunatics could take their own wisdom teeth and do the exact same research… they need babies.  Only babies will do.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, technically the teeth would do but not really.  There’s something magical about killing people and doing your research on their genetic stew.  Just ask Ed Wirths.  

But I don’t really want to go there, either.  I mean, parents raising children and saving lives instead of experimenting on them, well, no one wants that and just thinking about it, to quote the cat in that SUV commercial, has got my blood a’boilin’.  

In the end there’s really only one thing I want to talk about this morning… only one thing that’s on my mind and shaking and twisting and altering my entire perspective on the big election that’s now only two weeks away.  I don’t think it’s any big secret to announce that I was going to vote for John McCain.  “Was,” being the operative word.  

I read something this morning that changed my mind.  I can’t help it anymore… I was waiting for one final endorsement to come down and for the real slim shady to please stand up.  Now that he has I have no choice but to step in line.  After all, there’s a million of us just like him, who dress like him, who walk, talk and act like, who just don’t give a flip (over) just like him…

Detroit rapper Eminem has made his presidential selection and he’s going to be voting for Slim Obama.  Marshal told the BBC:

“I mean, I know we are going into a recession. Pardon the cliché, but we need something to change. I think Barack would be a breath of fresh air, to get in there and actually get what’s left of the Bush administration out the door.”

Mr. Mathers, the fun and games are over.  And just for that stunt you’re going to get some extra homework.  Go ahead and borrow Haylie’s history book and write a report on what happens after a President has served eight years in the White House and a new President is elected.   No matter who gets elected.   I’ll give you a hint… something happens to his administration.  It goes out the… fill in the blank.

And then, point of simple personal curiosity, when you spoke to the BBC were you zoning off of one joint?  I mean, you are the self described “lyricist without a clue.  What year is this?”

But I digress.