Big number?  Not really when we are talking $700 Billion for TARP, and most likely $1 Trillion PLUS for the stimulus package…

Let’s get back to that $78,000,000,000 number though.  According to Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren that is how much more “We the People” paid for troubled assets than they were worth!  Professor Warren is Chairman of the congressional oversight committee for the Wall Street bailout.

Hell, we could have bought CITI Bank, Ford, General Motors, New York Times and Sprint!  Oh, by the way… we could buy all of those companies TIMES TWO… and still have about 3-4 billion left over! 

I am sorry but if anybody tries to convince me that these IDIOTS should manage one more dollar of our money, you are an IDIOT yourself.  Yes I am pissed, and suggest more of you get pissed as well and go to here and sign the petition!  Then go pick up your phone and call (202) 224-3121, ask for you Senators office and then TELL them what you think of this stimulus plan.

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