Obama needs a “McCain” as his VP: Someone with a lengthy resume, fairly vanilla, foreign policy expertise.

McCain needs an “Obama” as his VP: Someone perhaps short on experience, yet with a “WOW” effect. Someone the media will cover wall-to-wall.If McCain goes vanilla, he can kiss the election good bye. Romney, Pawlently, Ridge, Huntsman, and Crist are “do no harm” nominees. But they won’t add anything either.

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, is that “Obama” pick. Good looking, female (have to stop from making a joke here), articulate — if a bit short on seasoning. And what a life story she has (Miss Alaska; child with Down Syndrome). VERY pro-drilling. Pro-life.

McCain doesn’t need “experience”, he needs “WOW”. A McCain/Palin ticket WINS this election.

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