This is a direct quote from Newsweek, a mainstream liberal newsmagazine, on the consequences for the Pro-Life position of the election of Obama. Keep in mind he will have sizable Democratic majorities in the Congress and Senate. Obama’s election would, in one fell-swoop, reverse every single gain made by pro-lifers in the last 30 years and even remove the right of Doctors to refuse to do abortions:

“According to his own Web site, Obama supports the federal Freedom of Choice Act [FOCA], which would eliminate all state and federal regulation of abortion (such as informed consent and parental notification in the case of minors seeking an abortion); these regulations have demonstrably reduced the absolute number of abortions in the jurisdictions in which they are in effect. FOCA would also eliminate, by federal statute, state laws providing “conscience clause” protection for pro-life doctors who decline to provide abortions. Obama (along with the Democratic Party platform) supports federal funding for abortion, opposes the Hyde amendment (which restricts the use of taxpayer monies for abortion) and has pledged to repeal the “Mexico City policy” (initiated by Ronald Reagan and reinstated by George W. Bush, which bans federal foreign-aid funding for organizations that perform and promote abortion as a means of family planning). According to the pro-choice Web site, Obama also opposes continued federal funding for crisis pregnancy centers.” – Newsweek, Oct. 14, 2008

It’s actually been my experience that many evangelical Christians (I’m guessing it’s largely because of the media silence on all topics related to abortion – notice the lack of questions in debates for instance?) don’t realize how dire the situation for the pro-life cause would be under an Obama administration. To make a historical analogy, it is as though in 1807, instead of finally abolishing the slave trade, England passed a law that removed all prior restrictions and absolutely protected the practice in perpetuity.

Please pass this on to pro-lifers planning to vote for Obama or not planning to vote at all.