When M. Stanton Evans published his book Black Listed by History, a story about Senator Joe McCarthy, I bought a copy and read with great interest.  It is one of the most well written and researched books that I have read in years.  Everything was documented and backed up by facts (and I did take the time to look up the documents and check Mr. Evans’ facts) and now declassified materials which were put into the book.  The book basically explains how at that time in America, government officials were allowing Communist spies to work in government jobs and filter information and technology to the Soviet government; and what Senator McCarthy was doing to try and stop Soviet efforts in the American government.

Now I know the hype about the period being called a “witch-hunt”, but some 50-60 years later, it is pretty clear that Sen. McCarthy was proven right, for the most part, and his critics were definitely covering up Soviet spy operations in the U.S. government.  This week I have been thinking about history repeating itself on a different but related issue.

Since President Obama took office his administration has taken the softest stance on the Muslim world in my life time.  President Obama has bent over backwards to validate a culture, containing a variety of peoples, who have not only disdain, but hate and malice, towards the rest of the Western world.  Everything from bowing to Muslim leaders, to the most recent and astonishing story of how he has instructed the director of NASA to make it his foremost priority to make Muslims feel better about themselves; our President seems content to allow the Muslim world a free pass to do whatever they want.  He says one thing and does another.

Iran is closer now then when he took office to building a nuclear weapon and has continually threatened just about everyone else in the free world.  No substantial progress has been made in Afghanistan, and many of his critics believe that the firing of General S. McChrystal was a bigger setback then has been or will be admitted.  Radical Islamic clerics continually threaten and seek to attack the United States (thankfully our local police agencies and the FBI and other Federal agencies have thwarted these attacks) and have in no way changed their stance on their jihad against the United States.  Their rhetoric is louder now than ever before and is only growing louder.

President Obama’s pro-Islamic polices (and at this point, I don’t see how you can call the policies anything other than pro-Islamic), subtle and not-so-subtle (like the NASA directive), in my mind are very similar to what the democrats and those protecting Soviet spies in the 50’s and 60’s did.  The amount of technology and information that went into the former Soviet Union was staggering and actually did more to prolong the Cold-War then has been discussed in the media.  It now seems many decades latter that the Democrats (as well as Republicans and others in government) involved have changed from Communist sympathizers and spies, to Islamic sympathizers and facilitators.  The danger this presents to the United States is crystal clear to everyone except those in the current administration and those they have duped into buying and drinking their snake-oil.  I have never seen a President go so far to radically change this country in so little time –and I am left wondering why people aren’t screaming from the roof tops?

Even former President Jimmy Carter, who President Obama has been compared to ad-nauseam, didn’t do so much damage in his first 20 months in office.  Admittedly, I was just a kid then but my history isn’t that bad.   Does this most recent directive to the NASA director signal some sort of plan in the works by the administration to start sharing Space-Age technology with Islamic countries?  Is that an implausible thought or conclusion?  I don’t think so not any more.  This current President has shown that he doesn’t care what the people are thinking or more importantly what they WANT from his administration.  He does what he wants and then spins the events to something along the lines of promoting peace and prosperity throughout the Muslim world.  Does he not realize that these people are the ones we are at war with?  Okay I know there is no one country or border we can point at but we are at war with Islam –Islam and Al-Qaeda go hand in hand, and they are one in the same.  Now I know people will say that I am a bigot and an Islamaphobe but that isn’t the case.  Let’s face it Al-Qaeda are Muslims of the most radical kind.  Radical Islam is what the U.S. is railing against not some group with a catchy name.  This is not a theological discussion it is a political one.  I am a Greek Orthodox Christian and in no way agree with Islam.  The point here is that I am able to see the enemy for who they are and what they are.  The question I am left asking, is why the administration can’t?  I don’t hate people who are Muslim but when in this country did it become acceptable to white wash what and who the enemy is that we are at war with?  I don’t have answers to all the problems in our country but I can say that the solution starts with recognizing the enemy.  In this case, I really believe that we have two of them, radical Muslims and President Obama.  I for one am hoping there is something left resembling the United States on 6 November 2012, our next Presidential election.

I also hope that on that day Americans use a little more common sense than sentiment when electing the next President of the United States.  People were so set on electing the first black president they didn’t even take the time to look at what the man believed or what his politics really were/are.  I like many were saying this was a bad idea from before the start and the answer I got was its Pres. Bush’s fault!  I am sorry but that is not an acceptable answer then or now.  I truly hope with the November mid-term elections coming up a clear message will be sent to the administration and that the conservatives get their own act in gear –because they have just as much a hand in this as the President and his administration.