Nancy Pelosi has a habit of saying really outlandish things.

From “We must pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it,” to her outrage that “500 million Americans” were losing their jobs every month to asking “Are you serious?” about what part of the Constitution authorized the individual mandate, San Fran Nan has really let loose with some amazing gaffes.

Pelosi is the one who said the tea party groups were astroturfers and carried swastikas, neither of which were actually true.

Her opponent for California’s 12th Congressional District seat is John Dennis. Dennis released this video, in which Pelosi and her zombie followers in the House act pretty much like Pelosi and her zombie followers in the House.

John Dennis wants to end the TSA and let airlines do their own security. That’s exactly the right approach, as airlines have the most at stake — and would be responsive to the needs of their customers’ need to fly safely and their desire not be be mistreated.