Quotes that enlighten the youth in colleges that have been brainwashed by professors like the likes of Ayer’s and others, now developed into the Acorn premeditated fraudulent votes. I am from Ohio and know the corruption. Last week I ran into a woman that works in a facility for mentally handicapped. They went in to get signatures and votes. They were run off after discovering. I have her name and phone number. Secretary of State a Dem also did a cover up in court case that personally effected us in a case that led to the taking of our property and put us on the street from a very politically motivated interest in our farm and business worth millions with mineral deposit on the issue of compensation for private property rights by a powerful organization and the likes of Jennifer Brenner. It was motivated and premeditated by lies in litigation documents of which we never had rights in due process. We held the documented articles of truth to the taking of our property. All senators partitioned by letter ignored our plight and we set on the street or couch to couch but still with access only to a computer. No help came from anywhere after all money was gone for this horrific taking of property, life and assets in the most indispictable way. Believe us we know the corruption in the courts and in every way from both parties. We have been oppressed under the worst corruption and no one would listen and they took everything we had worked for our whole life, for our whole family and the ability to fight back for justice against one American Family that believed and worked for the American Dream. They took it because of it’s value. The very strategy that OBama uses is very familiar in the slick talk to take and gain what other people have worked for. It is amazing to watch everyone fall into the trap as we did but on a national scale of corruption of invalid votes. Who can give us help. It also seems that no one really cares what happens to just one family. But maybe they will when it happens to them….We would welcome someone to just care what happened to just one family. They probably would not believe the story but Oh so true. The Iranian guy is just a little right. The people have been oppressed through what is now evident and the article at www. Mainstreetfedup.biz explains how to get back.

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