Today’s New York Times has a story about Sarah Palin’s critics in Alaska. These are the “facts” that they use in the story:

  • They quote the guy she beat for Mayor of Wasilia.
  • They quote a Democratic city council member who says that Palin did something but doesn’t corroborate. The person who could have corroborated refused to comment.
  • They note a guy who she fired and who sued and lost his lawsuit over wrongful termination.

In other words, they interview people she beat. Funny. They don’t like her. Politics ain’t beanbag. I suspect that Barack Obama knows that too.

The only person they quote who isn’t directly hostile because they lost a political battle to her is her Deputy Mayor who just seems to punt.

Now, this is a woman with astronomical approval ratings. Don’t you think that the New York Times could find at least one person who would defend her? I mean… She won a primary for Governor based, in part, on her record in Wasilia. They could have tried, at least, right?

Give me a break. This isn’t news. This isn’t honest. This is just the New York Times in full attack mode. And the “newspaper of record” should be ashamed of itself for publishing it. And William Yardley should be ashamed for writing it.