The Democrats are trying to steal a Senate seat in Minnesota. The Coleman campaign is trying to block the counting of 32 ballots because they were riding around with a Democratic election official for 3 days. Surely you can trust those right? From the AP:

The request from Coleman’s campaign said Minneapolis elections director Cynthia Reichert called its office at 7:45 p.m. Friday and reported that 32 ballots had been found and would be counted the next morning.”We were actually told they had been riding around in her car for several days, which raised all kinds of integrity questions,” said Coleman’s attorney, Fritz Knaak.

The integrity of our elections depends on the physical integrity of our ballots. But the loony left that doesn’t mind government being a criminal enterprise when its their government is insisting that all the votes be counted. Perhaps the netroots ought to get out their printers and print out a couple thousand more absentee ballots to guarantee they can win.

H/T: Minnesota Democrats Exposed, the only decent source of information on the recount