OK, it’s on now.

I could not be more surprised. I actually think last night’s debate might become a pivot point in this election.

Not because of some stellar performance by Senator McCain. I find myself yelling at the screen when he makes his points, then telling my wife what he should have said. And not because Obama made some deadly screw up. I found him how I always find him. Boring. People have to have some pretty empty lives to be getting all excited by this guy.

No, I think the pivot point in this entire election is “Joe the Plumber”. Not because of his particular circumstance. But because he is articulating what Senator McCain hasn’t been able to. Americans kind of like America. We like freedom and free market capitalism. We don’t believe in wealth redistribution. We may want Change! but we don’t want to change into France, a once great power now mostly irrelevant. At it’s core, France is Socialist and Protectionist. That is what the Dems propose for us. It doesn’t work and could be disastrous.

OK, Mr. McCain. You have your narrative. No need to discuss Ayers, bailouts, tax plans, etc. Just say, “No Socialism!”. The American people will follow. You have 20 days.