My handle is Standard Candle, as in a fixed star, one that may be utilized to measure light and distance. I often feel separated from the secular norms of the day, primarily because I don’t ‘dabble’ in what is considered normal social behaviors… I’m a conservative, and you are too.

I believe in standards, I believe that it is important for any culture or society to maintain itself, it must have standards, it must have laws, and the law must be sacred to all who claim privilege under said law.

Make no mistake, we are in a Culture War. This is a war of ‘no quarter’. Our enemy simply will not accept tolerance of it’s design to unravel that which was given to us by the personal sacrifices of a generation that we call Founders.

On January 5, 1967, in a famously quoted address during Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural speech for the office of Governor of California, he said:

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”

Context matters, but in this instance, there are principles being taught here that extend far beyond the simplicity and correctness of this statement.

I speak of a generational issue, and issue that is the root of our countries greatest challenges of past, present and future.

Younger generations are consistently under assault by politicians consistently reaching into the would-be future to pay for the politician’s present. I’m not just speaking of the generational theft that has been going on for years within the entitlement programs that get bigger without any hope of being solvent within the next decade due to double accounting, while the spending is speeding up, and no hope of a balanced budget in sight. It should be clear to every American (not just conservatives) that our current President seeks to encroach upon the freedom of an individual to be successful by their own merits. By suggesting the utility of a Federal Government can somehow buoy up a struggling economy that sinks under the financial weight and burden of this Government’s debt and it’s uncontrolled deficit spending, President Obama has indicated that he believes that Government and only Government can undo the burdens that Government has created by burdening the public with more Government burden through unchecked balances, and unstopped spending, while growing entitlements. Lies require great and grand complexity to maintain the facade from one generation to the next… And so goes the assaults that are meant to give personal offense to the individual. In hopes that the individual will reject any attempt to remove the mask of deception. In a truly Machiavellian manner, the message from 1 Hope and Change Central; Chicago, IL is to distrust anyone that will wage war against your women while at the same time ask you to ignore the death toll by abortion, steal your opportunities through complex tax evasion by the top 1%, seek to thwart any degree of happiness of LGBT couples, and to label all non-conformist views that don’t fall under these three categories as racially charged rhetoric meant to discredit the President, and to stop his re-election. And all of this conspiracy to destroy the “man of the people” despite his consistent, blatant, hypocrisy with crony appointments, crony loans, and crony supported legislation that he signed into law. No… no… it’s just simpler to accept that he’s done no wrong, and that “he’s trying his best”, and he’s “inherited impossible circumstances from GWB”…

And yet, the youthful generations simply aren’t receiving the simple message: “He’s Lying — That’s what great oratorical politicians do best!” So… My question is Why?

Is it the failure of the media not embracing a ‘fair and balanced’ approach regarding the philosophy behind conservative politics?
Is it President Obama’s oratory skills that confuse the youth to the point they’d believe anything?
Is it because people believe a small man like Harry Reid couldn’t just make stuff up about Romney’s alleged hidden bank accounts, fraud or felonies committed?
Is it that Nancy Pelosi sounds reasonable when she stated “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”?

Conservatives have spent billions in political ads, in GOTV tools, in new technology, in Radio markets, and so on… for what? To get self-serving politicians that ignore the people that elected them, to ‘compromise’ for a legacy in the halls of congress? To hoist up celebrity personalities that “speak for us” so we don’t have to?

Liberals have the media, they have Hollywood, they have counter-culture, music, etc… and they have consistently won the majority of generation after generation of 18-35yr old voters…

Why are we not spending more on winning the culture of our youth… did we simply cede this ground long ago and we believe it’s a lost cause to reach out to them?

We live in an era where ‘anything goes’ and it’s not just for the youth any longer. There comes a point when you’re no longer “young and stupid”, you’re just stupid. Our society seems to reflect the old saying “If you’re young and a Republican you haven’t got a heart, but if you’re old and a Democrat you haven’t got a brain”. But this just isn’t so… To be a conservative is to be one who seeks a greater good through personal responsibility. So in this context, Where are the standard bearers of freedom, decency, cultural boundaries? Where does a youth go to seek guidance when immorality, senseless violence, vulgarity, and lasciviousness is in their ‘daily bread’ through all forms of modern media? The youth are taught to mistrust the authority of the law wherever the means of an unjust action can be justified by the ends of a greater good. Where are the professors that will destroy the logical fallacies that spin so much deceit and foolishness?

It is a cultural norm for the youth to treat religious views with disdain or levity, to understand boundaries as restrictive and unrelenting to freedom. It is the norm to distrust the person that exemplifies religious or family values, especially when they are not shared (whether this is due to a non-belief, or simply a difference of beliefs). It is easy to dismiss something that has not been considered or investigated with a simple soundbite from a conversation that was liberal or libertine in nature. Especially when one might consider more thoughtfully the principles they violate with agreeing to go along, just to get along. A word: IF you pray, pray that our culture can be fixed, pray that our youth will not squander their heritage of faith and freedom, pray that our politicians will seek divine guidance to uphold the oath that they take when entering into office.

So yes… I believe in standards. I believe that like the founding fathers who pledged their riches, and their blood, that there must be an oath among conservatives to stand up and shake to the core of every American, that the falsehoods that have bound them to silence when it comes to defending freedom may fall like the shackles of an innocent person set free. Although it would be interesting to see an Conservative Pledge of honor floating around the internet that has been signed by the “Conservative Opinion Makers” with about 35-52 million signatures along side it… maybe we call it the “Declaration of Independence from a Dependent Culture”… who knows, something like that might just get hijacked by the next “fly by night” politician hitching his unprincipled bandwagon straight to their Washington office… call me cynical…besides, where are we going to find a Thomas Jefferson today?

But what I am not cynical about… Is that people everywhere of every generation are looking for leadership. They’re looking for a return to American Greatness. There is no time like the present to make good on our the failed promises of each succeeding generation. And believe me, there is no one else more qualified… to speak these self-evident truths to everyone within your personal sphere of influence, than yourself.

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