The absolute hysteria of the New York Times proves the attacks are working. According Real Clear Politics, a number of polls released today show McCain down five or six points. Then there is this whopper from NY Times and CBS.

The NYT/CBS poll has McCain down fourteen. I tried to sift through some of the dubious questions, but was more interested in the poll demographics. To my surprise there are none. There are about fifteen pages of lame data and one flimsy paragraph on party identification. Isn’t it standard to provide data on such pertinent facts as age or maybe race. I thought they would make an effort to lie, but they did’t even bother to fool us.


The only real question I have is whether this article was written before or after the poll was taken. They are trying to kill the McCain-Palin campaign so desperately. I only hope their efforts backfire. Our base should rally, while Obama supporters buy into the hype and stay home.