Rich Lowry had a piece on Ayers. His position was that Ayers was not working. I wrote him an email arguing many of the points that I have argued here. He posted it. They are both up of The Corner right now. So if it’s good enough for The Corner, I guess I’ll repost it here:


Not surprisingly, the Ayers attacks don’t appear to have worked. You can argue it’s because McCain wasn’t comfortable enough with them, or if only he’d been more full-throated—and included Wright—it would have made a difference. I doubt it. Attacking Ayers had to be just a cog in a much larger case against Obama (we tried to outline it here). Now people like Dick Morris seem to think linking Acorn and Obama will make a huge difference. Acorn obviously deserves all the obloquy being heaped on it (see our editorial here), but I can’t see many people voting on the issue. People are focused on the financial crisis, and unless/until McCain has a compelling, future-oriented message and program on the economy, nothing else is going to help him much. Check out this post from Ben Smith. A Republican consultant wrote him about a focus group where he aired an incredibly harsh anti-Obama spot that everyone in the room believed—but it still didn’t matter. Here’s a quote from one woman in the focus group: “Well, I don’t know much about this terrorist group Barack used to be in with that Weather guy but I’m sick of paying for health insurance at work and that’s why I’m supporting Barack.”


Ayers is working. Ever since the Lehman Brothers collapse, McCain was on a downward spiral. None of his talking points could break the MSM spin cycles. Ayers did that. It put the focus back on Obama and stopped the bleeding. McCain has lost no ground and has gained some back since the Ayers attacks. More importantly, he is sowing the seeds of doubt in voters. I agree, Ayers is not a game changer. People are not going to vote on Ayers, but Obama has lost credibility. People are still asking “who is this guy”.

And I’m sick of the Gallup trick. They changed their polling method this year because they assume Obama will drive more people to the polls. Brand new Gallup Tracking poll today shows:

  • Gallup Tracking: Obama +3 (under the 2000 and 2004 method)
  • Rasmussen Obama +5
  • Reuters/Zogby: Obama +4

A couple of other credible polls have it closer to eight. Long gone are the double digit leads (other than lousy CBS or ABC push polls) and the Obama momentum.

Don’t quit now. McCain needs to run with a positive message, but the 527, Palin and the blogs must continue to knock Obama down and create doubts.