A year ago, if you told me immigration would be a non-issue in the 2008 election, I would have said you are crazy. This devastating Obama clip has long been forgotten:

That video still infuriates me. Never mind learning English, we must make our kids learn Spanish! We look dumb compared to those cool, smart and sophisticated Europeans. Obama is so embarrassed of us simple small town Americans; we only know one language.

I know the economy is the number one issue, but right now McCain is fighting for a tie. There is not one substantive issue that McCain has a distinct clear advantage over Obama. Obama’s spinmeisters have even co-opted the tax issue.

I also know McCain is a moderate on immigration. Still, he is much more conservative than Obama and he wants to win. So what if Bob Schaefer asks the immigration question? McCain could easily change the game.

Furthermore, now that the economy has tanked, we are no longer that big bread basket country that can afford to take care of poor illegals. There are no jobs to spare. There is no money to give away. Even the fiscally responsible John McCain must see this now.

He’s been courting the Hispanic vote for a long time and his efforts have bore little fruit. How important is the Hispanic vote in the relatively small states of NM, NV and CO, which are slipping away? It may be the white working class vote in states like OH, PA, VA, MI, NH, MN and WI that cansave him.

He can avoid the controversial amnesty issue and focus on (1) borders and (2) English immersion. If he proposes a stronger border fence and tougher border security or if he proposes making English the national language or he links the federal funding of education to English immersion, the white working class vote, the Appalachian Hillary vote, the conservative union vote, and the Lou Dobbs, Jerry Doyle, Michael Savage type personalities would go nuts.

Just a Thought. I won’t happen, but it is still a devastating video worthy of re-circulating.