(Thought the Caterpillar letter might slip by, but Drudge picked it up. This could really put pressure on Cuellar.)

As Tip O’Neill famously stated, all politics is local, which makes me think that Caterpillar Inc, a heavy-equipment company, might be targeting the wrong people.

On Thursday, Caterpillar penned a letter to Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner warning them that the impending health care legislation will increase their health care costs by more than 100 million dollars in the first year alone.

“We can ill-afford cost increases that place us at a disadvantage versus our global competitors,” said the letter signed by Gregory Folley, vice president and chief human resources officer of Caterpillar.

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” or, maybe, “It’s The Economy Stupid”; however you want to state it, the economy has the attention of a stressed out electorate. Its disappointing that these clarion calls from major employers are being ignored by both politicians and the press.

While some may ignore these warnings, those Representatives who represent people working for these companies should be called to task. It may be too late for arguments rooted in macroeconomics and time to drive home the microeconomics, e.g., this legislation may cost you your job.

Caterpillar is a major employer in Sequin, Texas. Henry Cuellar represents Sequin, Texas. Henry Ceullar is a key undecided vote. Seems like a simple plan of attack to me.

Conservatives will call Cuellar in droves. Liberals too will call Cuellar in droves. But the residents of Seguin and employees of Caterpillar must be encouraged to call Cuellar in droves. That will resonate more strongly than anything. Caterpillar should be forwarding that letter to the people, not Washington.