If this the whole health care charade wasn’t such serious business, it would actually be kind of funny. The Democratic comedy of errors continues this evening.

As reported by Roll Call:

Senate Democratic leaders have decided they will not publicly release a health care reform letter signed by their rank and file intended to calm nervous House Democrats before their historic vote this weekend on the comprehensive Senate-passed measure and a budget reconciliation bill of fixes.

Their reason:

And one Senate Democratic source indicated that Reid had not yet been able to round up the 51 signatures he needed to provide the assurance that the Senate would be able to pass the reconciliation measure. However, the source cautioned that the inability to get 51 votes was not because Reid didn’t have personal commitments from 51 or more Senators, but because many Democratic Senators are squeamish about sticking their necks out before the House has passed the bill.

Let me see if I got this right.


Tom Perriello and Company agreed to vote for an unpopular health care bill that they don’t like and that could kill their careers on the basis that the Senate will fix the bill through an incomprehensible reconciliation process.

The Senate cannot act on a reconciliation bill until the House passes the Senate bill, so the Senate promises the House that it will follow through with reconciliation if they pass the Senate bill. Some House Democrats ask for a unbinding letter memorializing the promise.

The Senate Democrats cannot deliver on a promise to deliver a simple unbinding letter to House members stating that it will deliver on a promise to follow through with the binding, budensome and byzantine reconciliation process.

Epic logic failure.

Can House Democrats be that dumb? Do Senate Democrats even want the House revisions to pass? Harry Reid cannot get fifty one Senators to sign a letter about a reconciliation bill? Yet, House Democrats still trust Harry Reid to get fifty one Senators to pass a reconciliation bill? Is Roll Call pulling my leg?

Somebody please get me off of this merry-go-round. I’m exhausted and dizzy and all I really want to do is enjoy the spring weather and watch some college basketball.

Kill the bill and save my sanity.