Here are some pictures of the Boston Tea Party on Wednesday.

The Boston Common:

Gorgeous day, big crowds:

Rays of sunshine all around:

The crashers came too:

But no one took them seriously:

The Tea Partiers weren’t so scary:

Another scary face:

More hate and anger:

The crashers weren’t so scary either just… dopey:

The other Red State:

Blah, blah, blah:

“Hey you, I demand that you pay for my unhealthy lifestyle”:

I missed Sarah Palin, but her legion of fans drove the locals nuts:

Remember in November was a prominent theme:

November will be a BFD all right:

Tar and feathers anyone:

A little Boston flavor; Reverse The Curse in 2010 (baseball fans will understand):

Gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill; Independent Tea Party candidates, blessing or curse?:

Enlightenment; like the Scott Brown campaign, we welcomed many new friends:

Theresa and John Kerry, who live just a stone throw from the rally, frowned:

And George Washington, who stands guard at the other side of the park, smiled:

After a day in the sun, time for a quick adult beverage across the street:

(Infamous tourist trap, but I used to work there.)

Among the many monuments and statues that adorn the park, there is one called “The Angel of the Waters” created by Daniel Chester French in 1924 nestled at the far corner. It is inscribed with a quote from Ecclesiastes 11:1 – “Cast thy bread upon the waters, and it shall be returned to you after many days”. It is dedicated to a philanthropist, but I like to think it applies to hard work in general. Looking at all the young faces and curious faces in the crowd, I hope that the bread we cast will indeed be returned. The seeds are planted.